Thursday, March 31, 2011

Color Scrip_Color wheel

I divide the story in 6 acts, each one has a different color spectrum dictated by the kind of event who dominate the story on each moment.
Inside each part we can see 3 division, corresponding with different actions in the scrip.All 3 grouped by the same act mood.
So this color spectrum will bring us the mental and physical dimension the characters suffer in each part of the story.
In the color wheel we can see in the center one picture representing one moment in this period of time grouping the colors who dominate that scene.
In the exterior part of the picture we can see the main light color's palette extracted from each image. In the exterior ring we have the main light color who control each part, and in the interior we can see the dark equivalent one.
In the center of the wheel we have one picture who represents all the book, a rusty metal plate. And the color around extracted from it. This color can have presence at any time in the story and will bring us the idea of the conflict's origin and the beginning the story, the Ship Breaker.
The two wheels on the right are for color correction purposes.

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