Thursday, March 31, 2011

Concept Trailer

For time reasons, in this project I concentrate my work in two areas. Trailer and vehicle design.
I compress the concept art in the trailer, developing the characters and environments from the action in the scene. In this way I can study the characters at different time in the story. Making their spectrum more rich.

The trailer is a synopsis from the story, in where the first part is linear with a slow rhythm speeding up at the end,and the second part is no linear, with flashbacks and fast rhythm evoking stress and danger. Telling to the audience part of the story but keeping the key moments hide. So we will know the characters and what they are doing but not how or when.

The software I use is Maya,Photoshop,AE,Premiere,CoolEdit and Found Forge.
I record the speech and edit the sound effects. The music is a mix between a selection I did from other commercial works.
Here is the trailer. Also with better quality in

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